NSF on Data Citation in the Geosciences

“… encourages members of the community to lead an evolutionary transformation to establish data
citation within the geosciences as the rule rather than the exception.”

Eine Stellungnahme des “Directorate for Geosciences” der National Science Foundation (NSF) fordert das Zitieren von Datensätzen und empfiehlt dabei die Verwendung von DOIs (Document Object Identifier).

“Now is the time for geoscientists to begin to meet the challenges of data citation. This may involve working with:
(1) collaborators to decide which data sets are appropriate for citation;
(2) data centers, libraries, repositories, and publishers to develop appropriate data citation methods and concomitant DOIs; and
3) research institutions to make data citation a common practice and a metric of value in institutional culture and practice. We urge principal investigators to discuss their efforts and suggestions about DOIs with their communities and program officers in order to accelerate progress toward data citation policies and standards. Further we encourage data citation for upcoming publications to provide transparency and opportunity to use and analyze data sets. Such openness will enrich and affirm valuable geosciences research. The result will be the development of a leading edge and robust practice of data citation that will improve and enrich the geosciences research and education enterprise.”

Für das GFZ ist die Grundlage hierfür bereits gelegt: Die Mechanismen zur Vergabe von DOI für Forschungsdaten sind etabliert, Formate wie Datensupplemente oder Scientific Technical Report Data stehen neurdings zur Verfügung.
Fragen Sie nach der DOI für Ihre Daten!

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