Wohin entwickelt sich das wissenschaftliche Publikationswesen?

“Today, researchers stand on the brink of a new age in scholarly publishing.”

Whither Science Publishing?

fragte die Zeitschrift “The Scientist” Wissenschaftler, Verleger und Informationsspezialisten. Deren -sehr unterschiedliche – Antworten auf Fragen wie “Problems with Peer Review”, “Is open access the future” oder “What to change first” formen ein Bild, das den Stand der Diskussion um die Zukunft wissenschaftlichen Publizierens wiedergibt.

“… in the mid-17th century … published their work in the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, the first journal devoted entirely to science and one that continues to publish biweekly issues to this day. Over the intervening centuries, academic publishing has morphed into a sprawling international industry that, on the one hand, rakes in revenues of more than $19 billion in its scientific, technical, and medical segment alone … On the other hand, a constellation of open-access (OA) publishers, producing nearly 8,000 OA journals … has grown up, paralleling the rise of the Internet as the primary mode of gathering, communicating, and sharing information both inside and outside the scientific community.” (Aus der Einleitung des Artikels).

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