Empfehlungen: (Metrics for) Career Paths in Multidisciplinary Research

Das Scientific Committee for Life, Environmental and Geo Sciences von Science Europe hat ein Opinion Paper veröffentlicht, das auf fehlende Metriken bei der Beurteilung von Wissenschaftlern in multidisziplinären Arbeitskontexten hinweist:

“[The Committee] wishes to alert academic employers, promotion and appointment Committees and European and national research funding organisations to the lack of clear evaluation metrics for scientists working in multidisciplinary teams. The absence of such metrics already has a negative impact on career paths, as many scientists hesitate to participate in multidisciplinary research.”

In den resultierenden Empfehlungen wird unter anderem auf die wichtige Rolle von Forschungsdaten und wissenschaftlicher Software explizit hingewiesen:

” … recommends that making data available to the scientific community at large through freely available data access models, repositories and webometrics, be considered as output equal in importance to scientific publications …”

“… recommends that the development of enabling tools such as methods, algorithms and software is recognised as a significant contribution to knowledge creation and management …”

Prof. W. Heinrich (GFZ) war unter den Autoren des Papiers.

Nachtrag: In der Ausgabe vom 17. Juli wird in Science Careers diese Empfehlung besprochen: Better Recognition for Multidisciplinary Research

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