Open Science: Entering into a New Era for Science. Aktuelle Erklärung der G7-Wissenschaftsminister

Open Science war auch beim aktuellen Treffen der G7-Wissenschaftsminister in Japan Thema. In der Abschlußerklärung (Tsukuba Communiqué) heißt es unter der Überschrift “Open Science ‐ Entering into a New Era for Science : Putting into Practice New Framework of Research and Knowledge Discovery, Sharing, and Utilization through Openness” unter anderem:

“Open science enables broad and straightforward access to and use of the results of publicly funded research (e.g. scholarly publications and resultant data sets) not only for academics, but also the private sector and the general public more broadly. Fundamental to the progress of open science is the continued investment by governments and others, … in suitable infrastructures and services for data collection, analysis, preservation and dissemination.”

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