Mehr Tore und dann Zitatweltmeister?

Metrics market

“Witness the announcement by analytics company Thomson Reuters, for instance, that it was kicking off its own World Cup — of research performance. In the first round, the firm announced that England could have reversed its disappointing loss against Italy had it been playing on the basis of research citation impact. By the same comparison, Australia would have defeated Chile — but the Netherlands would still have crushed Spain.”

Ein aktueller Artikel in Nature beschreibt treffend die neue Generation von Analysewerkzeugen der Anbieter Thomson-Reuters und Elsevier.
Noch schneller zu bedienen, noch stärker aggregiert, noch mehr vorgebliche Übersicht. Und stolze Preise: die Plattformen werden zusätzlich zu Science Citation Index und Scopus angeboten.

“With this next generation of commercial tools, it does not seem so fanciful to picture a senior manager somewhere in your research institution engaged in a kind of perpetual departmental World Cup, scrolling through screeds of bar charts and playing ‘fantasy faculty’ with the careers of researchers.”

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